Theatrestorm (5 stars): One of the Best Productions - "Musical "Sign My Name to Freedom"​April 4, 2024

The Unheard Songs of Betty Reid Soskin

Do not miss this extraordinary production! In the telling there is music—Betty’s own songs, beautifully performed—and a company of dancers whose work references everything from ballet to circus. It is a wildly satisfying entertainment.


SFJAZZ, May 31, 2014

​​High School All-Stars: Vocalist Interviews

Jamie Zimmer, a student at San Francisco’s Ruth Asawa School of the Arts, is finishing up her sophomore year.

SFJAZZ Levi's Plaza Series, Sept 19, 2018

​​Jamie Zee - Live at the Plaza

SFJAZZ hosts Jamie Zee and her local musicians for their music in the plaza series. Their band will be performing an array of compositions and arrangements of originals as well as the classics of funk, soul, jazz, reggae, and Afro-Cuban jazz. Enjoy the fusion of cultures she brings from all around the Bay Area. Her style is uniquely San Franciscan and embodies the life of an LGBTQ, Chinese American woman.

​​​​​KCSM 91.1FM​May 16th, 2019

Jamie Zee EP Debut Interview

​Jamie Zee premiers selections from her upcoming debut EP live with Alisa Clancy. 

KALW 91.7FM, February 12, 2019

​​Bay Area Beats: Jamie Zee Interview

Jamie Zee debuts her new original music, speaks on her musical journey and the importance of improvising.

KPFA Interview, April 30, 2017

KPFA Live Interview with Safi Wa Nairobi

​......those are the lovely pipes of Jamie Zimmer.

Musical "Sign My Name to Freedom"​March 25, 2024

The Unheard Songs of Betty Reid Soskin

A musical concept by Jamie Zee, book by Michael Gene Sullivan and directed by Elizabeth Carter is built on the original music of the nation's oldest park ranger, Betty Reid Soskin.  Its world premiere is at ZSpace March 28 and runs through April 13.

      Jamie Zee

The Rehearsal Studio, May 23, 2018

​​50-Year-Old Civil Rights Songs Surface

​Zimmer was an excellent choice for bringing Soskin's words to performance.  Between the clarity of her diction and her solid sense of pitch, the attentive listener could relish the full impact of every phrase in Soskin's text.  Her delivery was judiciously seasoned with improvised vocalizations that reflected the poignancy of the text, particularly in its expression of frustration.  Soskin was skillful in keeping the anger under control; and, in doing so, she left that intensity to be filled in by any listener paying close attention to her words.  

official website

SF Community Music Center, May 22, 2018

​​Original Music of Betty Reid Soskin

​A collaboration of composition, arrangement and performance is being documented in a feature-length film entitled "Sign my Name to Freedom", intended for release in 2019 via public broadcasting and film festivals around.



​​​​​​KPOO 89.5FM​May 31st, 2019

Jamie Zee EP Debut Interview

​Jamie Zee premiers selections from her newly released debut EP live with Francesca D'Alessio. 

California Jazz Conservatory, April 26, 2017

​​Top Winners of Living Jazz's Jazz Search West 2017

​Vocalist Jamie Zimmer, a first-year student at CJC, was awarded second place with a scholarship to the California Jazz Conservatory.

S.F. Artist Got City Funding, Aug 26, 2021

​​The Dream Keeper Initiative 

Jamie Zimmer's sold out project was part of the San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Company's New Roots Theatre Festival at the Brava Theater.  The Festival  is a beneficiary of the Dream Keeper Initiative.

​​​​​​​San Francisco Playhouse's 'Twelfth Night' is local theater at its best​December 4th, 2021

The romantic comedy adapts Shakespeare into a musical so persuasively you might think the two genres had always been intertwined

​Ensemble member Jamie Zee also shines, with a mature, thoughtful alto that could effortlessly sustain the whole show if it needed to.​​

​​​​​​SF Chronicle Datebook​October 14th, 2021

Sign My Name to Freedom: The Unheard Songs of Betty Reid Soskin

​Jamie Zee debuts her first musical production in the New Roots Theatre Festival.

Berkeleyside, June 22, 2017

​​Scientific Swing, Dr. Herb Wong and BUSD Jazz

​A musical and multi-media production, Fingerote’s presentation includes cover art of albums that Wong produced for the two labels he founded, Palo Alto and Black Hawk Records, photos, and stories interspersed with standards performed by Jamie Zimmer (aka Jamie Zee), a gifted young singer.


Jazz on My Mind, August 7, 2016

​​Jazz on My Mind: Liner Notes, Anecdotes .....

A Jazzy Afternoon at Kepler's: Celebrating the Life of Dr. Herb Wong and the Launch of Jazz on My Mind​ featuring feature live musical performances by Jamie Zimmer.