​​​​​Jamie was featured on her third hip-hop album, "Ouch" released by Bay Area native rapper Professa Gabel. This is his second official release in two years. The twenty-three year old emcee works closely with Jamie on multiple projects surrounding hip-hop, jazz, and elements of neo-soul. Other collaborations include, "Pulse," on their album Uneven Pavement. Discover the new San Francisco sound. 

Jamie returns to Red Poppy Art House on August 24 at 7:30pm to celebrate the release of the band's self-titled EP.  Inspired by life as a non-binary, Chinese-American child of San Francisco.  Zee spent the past five years meticulously documenting life through song and performance to bring together this debut collection of original works. 

Jamie Zee will be sharing the stage with local R&B artists from Louda and Motus at The Uptown Nightclub for an unforgettable evening on August 22 at 8pm.  Come to have a good time.

​​​Jamie Zee

Asian American Songstress & Composer

Exciting EP Debut Party (8/24)




​​The Uptown Nightclub (8/22)

Music Video "Special"

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Premiering vocalist and winner of Jazz Search West 2017, Jamie Zee is one of the Bay Area’s most sought out performers and composers. This chameleon of an artist’s style is evocative, alluring, and drenched in soul. Jamie's style is uniquely San Franciscan and embodies the life of an LGBTQ, Chinese American, descendent of immigrants. 

Jamie's Trio current regularly venue in the San Francisco jazz scene is Old Skool Cafe. Complete with fine dining and impressive entertainment; you will enjoy a unique experience that you won't soon forget.


Jamie is performing with Sonny Apollo and the ImUninqueNeNoBrown 8pm at El Rio located in the heart of Mission, San Francisco - A neighborhood Bar, Community Space, Garden and the kind of spot
you bring your Mama too! 

El Rio (TBD)

​​Song Release "Loose Strings"

official website

Jamie's first music video just came out- this song is about temporary love she found that swept her away like a wave. Love, like any other language- must be translated into something special. Hope you enjoy it!

Directed by Formless Vision
Produced by Kenny Okagaki 
Featured in a short film "7 by 7"

​​​Old Skool Cafe 


      Jamie Zee