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Jamie Zee's Debut EP

      Jamie Zee


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Jamie Zee's Debut EP 

Recorded Live on Location in San Francisco

Produced by Madison Bohrer, founder of Maddog Sounds

Vocals: Jamie Zee

Saxophone: Madison Bohrer

Guitar: Max Brody

Drums: Alex Shapiro-Romano

Keys: Julian Lopez 

Bass: William Bohrer

Artwork by Charles Sierra

Photos by Elinor Kry, Samuel Issac, Phil Elleston 

Video by Phil Elleston

Music Video "How I Feel" Directed by Mike Lopez

Actor: Rosie Balberan 

Crew: Forrest Charles

Thank you to John Calloway, Annette Ribeiro, Joesph Francovich, Michael McKinney, Mike Zilber, and my family. 

Unconditional thanks to my manager Wasiliza Lee.